The Story of Katie Bop

Hey, y'all! My name is Kate Walsh, and I am the owner of Katie Bop. 
Katie Bop is a dream come true. It was a surprise to myself when I started Katie Bop, though, looking back, maybe I should have seen it coming. When I graduated from high school in 2021, my sights were set on getting a degree in international business, so I could land a job that paid me to travel. That summer, I had no idea a visit to Americasmart Apparel Market would change my life. If you have been to a merchandise market, you know it's exciting! It awakened parts of my heart, and a younger version of myself. The three-year-old me who refused to take off princess dresses, the five-year-old me who wore pink Cinderella heels with my hospital gown during surgery to remove my tonsils, and the 2nd grade me who insisted on wearing a sequined scarf to "help" my school uniform  wanted to live there forever. The high school me who entered pageants, mostly because of the gowns, basked in the glamour of the showrooms. Every me wanted to wear all the clothes and share them with friends. For as long as I could remember, there was always a need for "something to wear." Thinking ahead to college, I knew the need would increase. Walking into the market was like stepping into an enormous closet filled with sparkling solutions to the dilemma. 
Without knowing it, I had been preparing for this day for three years. Since I was 15 years old, I had been selling clothes on consignment apps (with parental supervision) and had earned enough money and experience to invest in starting a boutique. Right away, Katie Bop was born. My goal was to find and share beautiful and unique items with anyone who needs "something to wear." I hope to make it easy for every girl to find and wear clothing and emulates her own style and beauty, and makes her shine. In addition to Katie Bop, I am currently a student at the University of Georgia, pursuing a degree in business. GO DAWGS!
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Sending all of you so much love and appreciation, THANK YOU!!!
Kate Walsh